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In seeking to contribute to our 6 main focus areaswe collaborate with individuals and organisations from a cross-section of society, representing various Faiths and those of no particular Faith, together developing contributions and solutions on issues of social progress.

Our Office organises and takes part in participatory events, including seminars and round-table discussions, as well as producing and contributing to various publications.


Story readers from various faiths join with the audience in group singing to round off the
Our Approach 

What We Do
We believe that the means of contributing to a peaceful and just society must be consistent with the ends. Efforts to bring about unity can only be accomplished through means that are, in themselves, equitable, inclusive, and unifying. Therefore, we do not engage with partisan or adversarial activities.

Equally important to us is the process of exploring questions and challenges with one another. In a culture too often marked by debate, divisiveness and partisanship, we aim to stimulate genuine conversation and collective reflection on some of the challenging issues facing our society. Through engaging in a process of collective inquiry, consultation, action, and reflection, we believe that mutual learning and greater understanding can be achieved. 

It is in this spirit that our office seeks to contribute perspectives, informed by the Bahá’í teachings and the experience of the Bahá’í community, to questions pertaining to social progress. 

Our Vision

What We Strive Towards

The overarching objective of the Office of Public Affairs is to contribute to the building of a more peaceful, equitable and unified society through advancing the evolution of thought, public opinion and policy on themes pertaining to social progress.

Through consultative spaces, roundtable discussions, and collaborative efforts, we strive to practically advance meaningful conversations that find expression in coherent action.

Who Do We Represent
The UK Bahá'í Community
The UK Bahá'í community exists in every corner of the UK, from industrial cities like London and Manchester, to rural villages in Cornwall and the Shetland Isles. Around the UK, Bahá'ís are striving to work together with friends and neighbours to contribute to the betterment of their communities. For more on the UK Bahá'í community, click here.

As well as representing the UK Bahá'í community, the OPA is also a limb of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom.

The National Spiritual Assembly, the national governing council of the UK Bahá’í  community guides the affairs of the Bahá’í community at the national level. The National Assembly is an elected body comprising of nine members who are elected annually by secret ballot. Each year Bahá’ís over the age of 21 participate in Bahá’í elections, which are free of any trace of electioneering, canvassing, or propaganda.
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