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Members of Parliament & representative of the National Spiritual Assembly of the UK Baha'i Community at our annual reception 2021

We observe that discussion in forums addressing contentious issues often assumes the form of a debate. This presents two opposing points of view that are presumed to be in conflict. The objective in such spaces is not necessarily the investigation of truth but, rather, the ascendancy of one point of view over another.  


How can we frame public discourse in light of an understanding that many viewpoints, whilst seeming contradictory, are in fact different views on one reality? How can we facilitate discussion in which there are no winners and losers, and where all perspectives can be valued and seen as contributing to the collective advancement of understanding? How do we foster an environment that promotes the exploration of subtle and complex issues and avoids the tendency to oversimplify? 

Together with various sections of society, our office co-creates spaces to explore and examine the nature of dialogue in the public sphere, and its impact on social cohesion.  

Is the way we communicate working?

Our Office's most recent animation in the our animation series explores the theme of consultation and the way we communicate.


Communication is an important building block for society, but often public discourse is divisive and centred around conflict. Is there an alternative?


This animation explores the way we discuss things as a society, considering how we reached our current context and how we might move forward from adversarial frameworks to something more collaborative. It offers consultation as a model to help us find solutions together, as a collective.


Guided by the qualities of detachment, humility, tactfulness, and a willingness to learn and contribute, we could increase participation in our discussions and find solutions that work better for everyone.

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Consultation Toolkit

With the production of the above animation our office has developed an accompanying toolkit.

The aim of this tool kit is to help groups of people to come together and explore new ways of discussing ideas in a collaborative way and identifying solutions.


It is designed to put the ‘collective search for truth’ at the centre of the conversation, and to encourage wider participation.   

Check out the toolkit below!

Download the toolkit for free here!

Get in touch with our office to participate in our upcoming series of dialogue workshops to explore its contents with growing groups of people, organisations, collaborators and media professionals.


If you would like to explore hosting your own dialogue workshop, kindly complete the form below!

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