The Role of Religion in Society

Over the past few decades, British society has undergone a significant change in its religious landscape. Such a change calls for reflection on questions regarding the role of religion in public life.


Recognising that religion is a powerful source of human motivation that shapes human thought and behaviour, and frames the way in which individuals and society interact, our office collaborates with other organisations to explore the many questions pertaining to the role of religion in public life.  


How can the spiritual principles found in all the world’s religions be applied to resolve conflict, facilitate greater social harmony and create a peaceful society? How can we move beyond the binary nature of religious versus secular, public versus private, faith versus reason, and concentrate instead on working together for the common good? ​

Children releasing balloons at a Baha'i celebration in Frankfurt, Germany 

Religious Education and Religious Literacy ​

We believe that an understanding of the role of religion in public life, as well as knowledge of the history, tenets, laws and practices of different religions can help to bridge divides between people of different faiths and remove feelings of “otherness”. In this context, our office works with other organisations to help define the purpose, nature and approach of religious education and religious literacy in various settings, including education and the media. ​

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