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Climate Change

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Some members of our office attending the faith for our planet climate awareness workshop

As stewards of the planet’s natural resources and guardians of the future it is our duty to understand the forces of climate change, to join in on efforts to protect the natural environment and ensure its sustainability.  Climate Change is a global issue that directly affects us all, not just locally or at the moment, but throughout the world and for generations to come.


We know based upon experience and reliable data that climate change is the primary driver of international migration and profound issues of human survival that can only be adequately anticipated through a lens of global governance and accountability.  Faith communities potentially play a vital role in calibrating the current issues and foreseeing future ones as hubs of activity where families and individuals are well-known and local interests and well-being are paramount.  Vital leadership from people of faith will be instrumental in offering hope and comfort in view of the extreme hardship humanity is facing and increasing hardships we can expect for people in great numbers.


"The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established," Bahá'u'lláh wrote. "The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."


“Nature in its essence is the embodiment of My Name, the Maker, the Creator. Its manifestations are diversified by varying causes, and in this diversity there are signs for men of discernment. Nature is God's Will and is its expression in and through the contingent world. It is a dispensation of Providence ordained by the Ordainer, the All-Wise.” Tablets of Bahá’u’lláh, Lawh-i-Hikmat 

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