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Media & its Role in Society


An interview with Lina Mar in Westminster

Our Vision

If we come to view media as a “facilitator of public discourse”, and recognise the imperative role that journalists, editors and diverse sections of the media play in shaping societal change, we see that media holds a crucial responsibility in facilitating social cohesion and contributing to the common good. 


Effective public dialogue cannot take place within a polemical framework that sets groups or actors against one another. The media, thus, have a key responsibility in ensuring that they delve beyond the surface level when reporting news so as to avoid offering simplistic or reductionist interpretations that contribute to the perpetuation of stereotypes in the public.   

Together with various organisations and sections of the media, the OPA is exploring the nature and role of the media within society and the ways in which it can contribute more effectively to social cohesion. 

Our Work

Our work involves building relationships with journalists, media practitioners and organisations, in order to explore the nature and role of the media within society and how it can contribute to building a cohesive society. 


Connected to this, the office is currently reflecting on how the media portrays and explores the role of religion in society and collective life.


Our office continues to work with journalists to publicise stories related to the defence of the Baha'is in Iran and Yemen.

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Sean Afnan Morrissey speaks at Scottish Parliament

The first of a series of podcasts exploring the relationship between religion and the media

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