We represent the UK Bahá’í Community 

in its relations with government, the

media and civil society.

Our goal is to contribute to a peaceful,

just, and unified society.

As we draw on the collective experience of the British Baha'i community

our Office collaborates and learns with like-minded organisations,

media practitioners and thinkers to contribute to social progress.

Our Focus Areas
At the heart of our work is the belief that the foundation for a peaceful, equitable and unified society is the principle of the oneness of humankind—a principle expressed in the interdependence of the members of the human family.  


We see each of our focus areas as being intimately connected to one another, for progress in one supports progress in the others. And together, they advance towards the building of a peaceful, equitable and unified society. 

Some of the many questions that we are exploring with others are: How can religion, in the broadest sense, be a progressive force in society? How can the nature of public dialogue influence the peace and harmony of our society? What influence do the media have in contributing to the way issues are portrayed and discussed? As long as inequality between women and men, in all aspects of life, continues to persist, can women and men achieve their full potential? 

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